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Trusted Advisor

Every good business man or woman has trusted advisors who are individuals or a team of professionals that provide needed services and expertise. When times are tough, an agronomic advisor can help farmers make critical decisions on costly crop inputs, give recommendations with consideration to your operation and economic conditions. Many also provide necessary services like crop scouting and precision Ag tools that are vital in today’s agriculture. Advisors may be Ag-retail agronomists, seed advisor, or independent crop consultants. Most of these people are certified crop advisors and have solid understanding of the complexity of today’s farming.

A good advisor works with you throughout the year, and is dedicated toward your success. A good advisor is knowledgeable about new products and directs you toward products with a strong return on investment and avoids products with little to no value for your operation. A great advisor will ask lots of questions to gain understanding about your operation and be willing to spend time in your fields addressing potential problems. A great advisor is also a strong communicator that can talk you through the processes of correcting the problems he or she finds.

At Norder Supply, we want to be your trusted agronomic advisor. With Spot On checks our advisors are in your fields evaluating products during key times of the year including pre and post weed control. Our Spot On recs provide specific crop protection recommendations for each field that will help combat problematic weeds and other yield robbing pests. Spot On scripts provides top notch precision Ag solutions with yield analysis, grid sampling, and variable rate application prescriptions. Norder supply also has the Row2Row assurance program to evaluate new products with the cooperation of our customers to ensure these products provide a strong return on investment.

We value everyone who has partnered with us and work hard every day to assure their success. Our advisors are here to help our customers achieve maximum net return per acre!

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