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No one works harder to meet your needs – or grow your success – than Norder Supply.

Success is not only about products and price, it is about trust and commitment. We provide Spot On service that builds confidence and lasting relationships.

At Norder Supply, our purpose is to assist our customers in achieving maximum net return per acre by delivering unparalleled agronomic advice and best in class customer service.

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We deliver a whole-farm crop input perspective with our Spot On approach. Discover how Spot On can help you achieve maximum net return per acre.

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Ted Norder

Job Description: COO
Location: Bruning, NE

Tell us about your background with Norder Supply.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Agri-Business from the University of Nebraska, Ted began his career at American Cyanamid as a Sales Representative in Iowa and Michigan. He returned to his home town of Bruning, Nebraska, in October of 1998 to join the family business. Ted has worked in all aspects of this business. He now leads the company as Chief Operating Officer.

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