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“There will come a time in the near future when farmers will have to increase yields using the same amount of inputs they currently use, or maintain production using less,”

In Season Nitrogen Testing

The following article is an excerpt from a previous post titled “How Much Nitrogen Should I Apply”, posted February 23, 2018 The corn plants will take up most of its

Corn Stand Evaluation Details about the planting conditions, planter performance, and the need for future planter maintenance can be gleaned from a few measurements and counts once corn emerges.  The

For South Central Nebraska, 2018 ranks in the top five for coldest starts to April.  This has delayed planting a little bit, but also has significantly hindered progress on pre-emerge and

As soybean planting nears, many Norder Supply Agronomists have fielded questions about lowering soybean planting populations.  There may be some good reasons to plant fewer seeds per acre, specifically reducing

How Much Nitrogen Should I Apply?

Soil sample testing for Nitrogen is very important.  When you soil test, you receive an analysis report in which nitrates are reported as part per million and pounds per acre. 

Do Biological Products Work?

The last few years we have seen an influx to the ag retail market of products classified as Yield Enhancing.  We have also experienced a rise in Biological products.  Yield

What information can a soil test provide?

Farmers understand the importance of routine soil sampling and receiving quality soil fertility recommendations from their trusted advisors. Many farmers rely heavily on their agronomist to interpret a soil test and

Currently, we are knee deep in the crop protection pre-pay season.  Twitter is a great platform to gauge customers’ opinions, as they share about their positive and not so positive

The Bruning-Davenport FFA Chapter participated in a contest facilitated by The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Monsanto Company, for an educational, in-field experience to help students understand the positive impact