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Agronomy Alert-Fungicide Treatment on Corn

The best time to apply a fungicide treatment is between tassel emergence (VT) and blister stage (R2).  Even without the presence of significant disease pressure, this time frame consistently provides

Early Season Irrigation Considerations

Moisture stress early in the season has very little impact on yields when compared to similar stresses during the pollination and grain fill periods.  Slightly dry, non-restrictive soil conditions can

In Season Nitrogen Testing

The following article is an excerpt from a previous post titled “How Much Nitrogen Should I Apply”, posted February 23, 2018 The corn plants will take up most of its

Fomesafen is an active ingredient found in many popular herbicides labeled for soybeans, which include Flexstar GT, Warrant Ultra and Marvel.  Fomesafen has proven to be an effective herbicide to

The green up of alfalfa in the spring is usually subjected to a few frost events which injures the tender leaves, causing defoliation and a reduction in tonnage of the

Corn Stand Evaluation Details about the planting conditions, planter performance, and the need for future planter maintenance can be gleaned from a few measurements and counts once corn emerges.  The

Planting for Success in 2018

With the cold temperatures and uncooperative weather, there will only be one chance at planting to do it right. Seeds need adequate moisture and good seed to soil contact for even