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The High Cost of a Cheap Grid Sample

Grid soil sampling has become common practice among farmers across the Midwest.  Growers have witnessed the results first-hand how a grid soil sample increases yields and positions crop nutrients in

Is Grid Sampling Out-Dated?

Yield data collection hardware is common in most combines on today’s farms. Growers and agronomists have started to use this combine collected data to develop management zones and soil sample

In 2016, weed control was a challenge. Farmers, consultants and applicators had to use the kitchen sink approach to manage weeds and still ended up with poor results. We are

All fields have some variability, apparent each fall after harvest when we look at yield maps from the data collected by the combine. Agriculture has changed a lot over the

The Important Role of Trusted Advisor

Every good business man or woman has trusted advisors who are individuals or a team of professionals that provide needed services and expertise. When times are tough, an agronomic advisor